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Court Admissible DNA Paternity Test

Are you the father?

bulletDNA Testing Centre, Inc. offers quick appointment times and fast turn-around for results for clients seeking the sample collection to take place outside of their home, at a local medical facility.  At the clinic, a neutral third party will perform the buccal (cheek) swab sample collection for all parties.  A photograph will be included of each tested party to certify the samples truly came from each person as required by the courts.  Once all samples are received, the result is available in just 3-5 business days and guaranteed admissible in any court.

We utilize thousands of draw sites nationwide. Appointments are typically scheduled within 24 to 48 hours.  Please contact us toll free at 888-875-7574 to discuss your testing needs with one of our highly trained professional case managers.

Our highly trained professionals are eager to assist you with your personal testing needs.  At DNA Testing Centre, Inc we take the time to listen to each client and make the process of scheduling an appointment at a convenient location very accommodating to your situation and schedule.


bulletHere are a few reasons why clients choose a formal court admissible test:

A Judge or Attorney has requested a copy of the paternity test result




Child Support




Tested Parties are in Different States or Locations


Criminal case


Alleged Father is Incarcerated


Social Security Benefits




Order online to make payment by credit card or complete an online request form and a case manager will contact you to discuss your situation and schedule testing. 


Please call toll free 1-888-875-7574 or email sales@dnatestingcentre.com for any questions.


Type of US Court Admissible Test Samples Price Order
Paternity Trio Mother, Child, Alleged Father $389.00

Motherless Paternity Child, Alleged Father Only $389.00

Add to Paternity Case Additional Child $130.00

Add to Paternity Case Additional Alleged Father $130.00

Additional Court Admissible Features Item Price Order
Collection Fees - REQUIRED* Collection Fees Per Participant $25.00


Multiple Location Collection Fees - If a DNA collection takes place at more than one location,  this fee must be added for each additional location to cover additional shipping costs. Multiple Location Collection Fees $25.00


Grandpaternity, Maternity, Personal Identity, Sibling, or YPLEX Court Admissible Upgrade As noted $170.00

Minimum Payment Features Item Price Order
Minimum payment required to schedule appointments for DNA collections at one location. Minimum payment required to schedule an appointment $150.00

Add this feature to your minimum payment for each additional location. Minimum payment for additional locations $50.00


*Please note: 90% of the collection facilities (draw sites) charge between $20 and $30 per sample collection.
  Most collection sites in NY, CA and HI are more expensive.  If the collection costs are greater than $30 per
 sample because of your location, then the difference above $25 may be required.

Court Admissible Testing Information Request
(United States Only)

Street address
City, State, Zip

Specify type of testing required,


Additional comments or request



What if the above does not apply to my situation?  Consider using a self collection kit.  If you are unsure which test will work best for you, please contact us toll free at 888-875-7574 for more details.


Home kits are designed for privacy and convenience.  Our home kits, or self-collection kits, are analyzed identically as formal legal tests and by the same AABB accredited laboratory.



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Toll Free: 1- (888) 875-7574 - International 517-337-8378

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