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Grandparent Testing

Grandparent Testing

Reasons for a grand paternity test

  • Alleged father is deceased or unavailable
  • Must establish paternity without alleged father’s participation

97% of all grandpaternity cases produce conclusive results.
This test is more powerful than a sibling study.

A sample must be included from both paternal grandparents.
Consider the  Y-PLEX test if the child in question is male and only the grandfather is available for testing.
The results of DNA home kits are not guaranteed admissible in a court of law.

Type of Test




Grandparent Test without Mother


Results take up to 7 business days to complete. Shipped by 2nd day Courier.  Includes

return mailer.

Grandparents, Child

Grandparent Test with Mother (preferred)


Results take up to 7 business days to complete. Shipped by 2nd day Courier.  Includes

return mailer.


Mother, Child

Additional  Child for

Grandparent Test


Add one for each additional child


Additional Child

Upgrade to formal Court Admissible Grand Paternity


Results take 7-10 business days


Collection Fees

Required for court admissible test. 

$25.00 Collection

Fees Per Participant


Court Admissible Test Kit $250

Chain of Custody Paperwork Included
Can Not be Shipped Internationally

 Alleged Father, Child

Piece of Mind Paternity Test $199

5 - 10 Business Day Average

 Alleged Father, Child

Swift Response Paternity Test $255

3 - 5 Business Day Average

  Alleged Father, Child

Additional Participants for Testing

Additional Child

Additional Alleged Father


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