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Immigration DNA Testing for Philippines

US Embassy of Philippines
1201 Rojas Ave
Manila 1000, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 528-6300 

Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions

bulletDNA Testing Centre, Inc. offers quick appointment times and fast turn-around of results for clients seeking a DNA test for immigration purposes.  Once all samples are received, the result is usually available within just 3-5 business days.  All testing is performed by an AABB accredited laboratory with strict adherence to the US Consulates office immigration requirements. 



We utilize thousands of DNA collection sites worldwide and can often schedule stateside appointments as quickly as the next business day.  The majority of collection kits for international DNA collections are shipped the same business day of your order.  If you have questions regarding any aspect of the immigration testing process, our case manager specialists will be glad to assist you. 



Useful Information


Most tests require 3 traceable shipments to and from the doctor's office or Embassy


DNA Testing Centre (DTC) will ship the kit from the United States to the US Embassy


DTC will include a prepaid return mailer for the samples to be returned to the U.S. laboratory for processing


 Upon completion of the test, our AABB Accredited laboratory will ship the results of your test to the US Embassy by traceable method


Many tests must include paternity and maternity testing reports


To begin the process, fax your DNA information sheet provided by the Consulate to 1-800-886-2148 for a complete quote for your DNA testing needs and the US consulate requirements


We will review your case within hours of receipt and provide a written total quote for your convenience


The price quote will include all costs of shipping and testing with the exception of the sample collection fees that may be required by the doctor or Embassy for the international DNA sample collection.  


We cannot pay the international DNA sample collection fees because these fees are typically paid in the currency of the country for the appointment


If all tested parties are within the United States, the price quote will include all clinic fees


Order online to make payment by credit card or complete an online request form and a case manager will contact you to discuss your situation and schedule testing. 


1-800-792-9620   (Toll Free Within USA)


Email: dna9620@gmail.com

DNA Testing Centre
2601 Coolidge Rd, Suite 203
East Lansing, MI 48823-6361


Type of Immigration Test Samples Price Order
Paternity Trio Mother, Child, Alleged Father $450.00

Motherless Paternity Child, Alleged Father Only $450.00

Add to Paternity Case Additional Child $150.00

Add to Maternity Report Additional report $100.00

Maternity Trio Alleged Mother, Child, and Father $450.00

Fatherless Maternity Alleged Mother, Child $450.00

Add to Maternity Case Additional Child $150.00

Full Sibling Study with Mother Mother and two siblings $550.00

Full Sibling Study without Mother Two full siblings $550.00

Half Sibling Study with both Mothers Two Mother's and two siblings $680.00

Half Sibling Study with one Mother Mother and two half siblings $550.00

Half Sibling Study without Mother Two siblings $550.00

Each Additional Sibling (one report) Additional Sibling $200.00

Additional Sibling Report For each additional required report $100.00

Y-PLEX Study (brothers, Grandfather/Grandchild, Uncle/Nephew Two Males $530.00

Additional Immigration Features Item Price Order

Collection Fees - REQUIRED*
(for stateside collections only)

Collection Fees Per Participant $25.00


Multiple Location Collection Fees - If a DNA collection takes place at more than one US location,  this fee must be added for each additional US location to cover additional shipping costs. Multiple Location Collection Fees $25.00


Shipping Fees Traceable shipping to/from US Embassy 3 times $158.00

Minimum Payment Features Item Price Order
Minimum down payment required to schedule appointments for DNA collections at one US location.  International shipping charge (below) is required if collection is outside US. Minimum down payment required to schedule an appointment $150.00

Add this feature to your minimum down payment for each additional US location. Minimum down payment for additional US locations $50.00


*Please note: 90% of the collection facilities (draw sites) charge between $20 and $30 per sample collection.  Most collection sites in NY, CA and HI are more expensive.  If the collection costs are greater than $30 per sample because of your location, then the difference above $25 may be required.

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Toll Free: 1- (800) 792-9620 - International 775-525-5848

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