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Prenatal Paternity Testing

Existing or occurring before birth: prenatal paternity test There are two ways to accomplish prenatal testing.  There is a chance of birth defects caused by fluid extraction for these tests.  It is highly recommended that you postpone testing until the child is born.


  1. Test amniotic cells for the child’s specimen.  The mother’s OB/GYN can perform amniocentesis to extract amniotic fluid, which is then sent to our laboratory for testing.  The amniocentesis presents medical risks to the mother and the child. You should discuss those risks with your doctor. Because of those risks, most doctors prefer not to perform an amniocentesis unless there are medical reasons requiring the procedure.  Be sure to discuss all risks and options with your doctor.
  2. Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). The chorionic is the outer membrane enclosing the embryo.  The  chorionic villus is a minute vascular projection on the fetal chorion.  This method of testing has significant risk (including birth defects) and should never be used for the sole purpose of paternity testing. If CVS is going to be performed for medical reasons, it is possible to use the sample for paternity testing as well.  Be sure to discuss all risks and options with your doctor.

If prenatal testing is required and ordered, the kit  will include collection swabs for the mother’s and the alleged father’s sample. This price does not include the OB/GYN’s or doctor fees which are handled by you or your insurance company.

Procedure for ordering.

  • Order the paternity test for the type of sample that you will be supplying.  The kit includes swabs for the mother and alleged father. Results typically take 7 business days.
  • If you require a court admissible test, be sure to select the option for yes, and the participants.


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