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  • Why should I order from DNA Testing Centre? See our home page by clicking here, which lists a few of the many reasons to choose DNA Testing Centre.
  • What is paternity? Paternity refers to the relationship between a child and his or her biological father.
  • How are the DNA samples collected? Samples are collected by a non-invasive cheek swab sample also called a buccal swab (the buccal cells in the cheek area are highly concentrated with DNA). There is no difference between DNA from cheek cells when compared to DNA from blood, for the purpose of paternity testing. Special DNA samples (often referred as forensic samples) may also be obtained. See this link for a list of special samples and their additional processing fees.
  • What is the definition of “Alleged Father”? To assert to be true; affirm: male who is asserted to be the biological father of a child. Another example: “The alleged father was proven not to be the biological father of the child upon completion of the DNA test.”
  • What if the alleged fathers are related? If the alleged fathers are related as brothers, father/son, or uncle/nephew, or if the alleged father is related to the child’s mother, then all related alleged fathers must be tested at the same time and a sample from the mother should be included. This information must be disclosed at the time of purchase to reduce the possibility of implicating the wrong person. If the alleged fathers are identical twins, there is no way to determine which twin is the father of the child.
  • Chain of custody –
    Results from self collection DNA tests are normally not guaranteed admissible in a court of law due to the lack of the “chain of custody”. The chain of custody refers to the various chain of “hands” that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a DNA collection clinic (can also be a mobile collector) where all parties are documented and photographed to verify their identity. The results of a self collected (home kit) DNA test may be presented to an Attorney or Judge but it may not be accepted if the findings are disputed.
    If you need a court admissible test after completing a home test, we will apply the purchase price of your test to a court admissible test. Please select this link for more information.
  • Can a paternity test be performed before the baby is born? Although this is not a preferred method, it can be done with a sample from the fetus. Please read this link for ordering information.
  • How old does the child have to be for a DNA test? There are no age requirements for DNA testing. The child can be as young as one day old but wait at least 1 hour after the baby is born before swabbing.
  • The alleged father and the child are at different locations. Can I have the testing kit sent to more than one location? Yes, we can ship to multiple locations or schedule appointments in separate areas.
  • What assurance do I have that the test will be run correctly and will be accurate? The testing is performed by a laboratory whose parentage testing activities are conducted in accordance with the standards set forth American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB inspects and accredits certain activities conducted by paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and agreed upon by the AABB. The AABB obtains and reviews the procedures used by accredited laboratories and sends an assessor to each member laboratory to perform an on-site assessment. Please see this link for more information on the AABB and why they do not accredited a home DNA test.
  • How do I return the samples to the lab? All kits include prepaid mailers to return the samples for processing.
  • Domestic kits include a prepaid priority mail or overnight return depending on the test ordered.
  • For international orders, the method of returning samples is dependent upon the customer. We recommend using a swift and traceable method.
  • What if I have unanswered questions? Many additional questions are answered at the Services & Prices link and other information links. Select the links at the left side of the page, and then select the specific area of interest i.e. paternity, maternity, sibling, infidelity. If you still have questions, please call us toll free at (844) 441-8610.


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