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Sibling Testing

Are You Brothers and Sisters?

The sibling test results report the likelihood ratio of the relationship.  This is the most accurate form of testing that you can do to determine a child's relationship if a sample is not available from the father for a paternity test  or the alleged father's parents for a grandparent study.  

Here is a sample of a full sibling inclusion report and full sibling exclusion report (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Consider the  Y-PLEX test if the child in question is male and there is an available male relative from the alleged father's male linage (such as an uncle or nephew).

Consider the  MtDNA test if the child in question is female or male and there is an available female relative from the maternal linage (such as an aunt or grandmother).


Type of Test




Full Sibling Study

Sibling Study with or without a sample from the common mother.


Results average 7 business days or less

2 Siblings

 2 Siblings With Common Mother

Half Sibling Study

Sibling Study where the children have different mothers.  You will need to order an additional uncommon mother if both mothers are available.


Results average 7 business days or less

2 Siblings

 2 Siblings With only 1 Mother tested

Additional  Sibling for full or half


(add one for each additional sibling report)

  Additional Sibling

Additional  Uncommon Mother (for half sibling test)


(add one for each additional mother)

  Additional Mother

Upgrade to formal court admissible Sibling Study for social security or immigration.


Results average 7 business days or less


Collection Fees - Required for court admissible test. 


Collection Fees Per Participant







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