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Special Samples



These are the ones to obtain.

Per Person


cheek swab (buccal cell) DNA Collection Kit


No waiting for a paternity test kit to arrive, no concerns about discreet receipt of a test kit at your home or office


Whole Blood



blood works very well if it has been properly collected in a

vacutainer tube with the appropriate preservative (yellow capped tubes are

best, though any will work).  The

test works best if the sample is recent; blood

that is not sent to the lab immediately should be refrigerated.

Cord Blood



at birth.  Cord

blood works very well if received in good condition.




collected bloodstains on standard blood collection cards work well and

usually require no additional time to process; bloodstains on clothing and other

materials can also be used.   

Sperm (Semen)


If you are not sending within a few days, keep frozen. 

Collect in Kleenex or container.  Avoid touching directly.

Toenail or Fingernail Clippings


Clean the clippers with Isopropyl alcohol and collect

several in a tissue without touching.  These require an additional

4-5 days to extract but work well most of the time.

Amniotic Fluid


Taken past 14 weeks gestation.

Chorionic Villus



Taken between 9 – 12 weeks gestation.



(Products of Conception)



on miscarriages or terminations.  Fetal

tissue is an excellent source of DNA if it has not been exposed to


  Good Samples These work most of the time.  


Chewing Gum



Well chewed chewing gum works very well.  Wrigley

Juicy Fruit has been found to work best.  Provide several samples of

different types of gum if possible.




Make sure the person is not

a “dry smoker” (one who never gets his butt wet or hangs the cigarette


from his lips).  Brown filter end usually means that DNA can be

obtained.  Provide up to 6 butts for multiple attempts if necessary.

Hard Candy



Hard candy such as a lollipop will usually work as long as

it has been sucked on for a while.  Provide multiple pieces if possible.

Used Condom


Condoms can work well if refrigerated after use and sent for

analysis immediately.  

Semen Stains On Clothing


Semen (Sperm) is a good source of DNA.  


Tampons or

Used Feminine Pads


Blood on a tampon or feminine pad is an excellent source of DNA.  

Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap


A good sweat stained hat or ball cap usually works as long

as it has not been washed.  Leather hats require additional time for


Hocked Loogie


It sounds disgusting, however a large wad of mucus from a

person not infected (cold, flu, fever) can be a good source of DNA.




Hair that has been pulled from the body with enough force to

remove living tissue. Send 3 to10 strands, each with tissue attached are required.  

Q-tips with earwax


Provide up to 3 swabs with earwax from the same person.

Place in a new envelope.

Snotty Kleenexes


Used tissues full of mucus usually work well if the person

does not have an infection (cold, flu, fever).



Urine can work very well if it is collected in a sterile container

and always kept refrigerated.  At

least 50 ml is required.  


Razor Debris


The contents of an electric shaver can be a good source of

DNA.  The key to the extraction is to

inspect the razor debris for white or light tipped hair follicles.

Newer razors may be too efficient to snag or pull the hair out.

DNA for paternity testing is only found in the hair follicle.



These samples can work but are

not the best choice


Cups, Cans, Bottles & Glasses


Soda or beer cans work

about 80% of the time.  Tippy cups and water bottles work about 85% of

the time.  Drain any remaining fluid in the can by

punching a hole in the bottom.  Let dry and send in as soon as possible

in an envelope.  Two items from the same person can be provided with each order.

Eating Utensils


Spoons and forks work

about 75% of the time when licked clean.  Allow to dry at room

temperature and place in clean paper envelope.

Drinking Straw


Straws work

about 60% of the time. Noticeable chewing of the straw improves the

chances.  Sugarless drinks also improve the chance of successful

extraction.  Allow to dry at room

temperature and place up to 3 straws from the same person (per order) in a

clean paper envelope.

Unknown Stain


Stain of unknown origin,

suspected of being slobber, semen, menstrual, blood, or mucus. 

Pacifier or teething ring


Do not handle directly and store in a paper envelope or bag. 

Contamination due to handling is the most likely cause of failure. 

Envelope or Stamp

(Glue strip)


DNA extraction is successful

on 66% of these tests.  Storage in humid conditions will reduce the

chance of a successful extraction with a clean DNA profile.

 Paraffin Blocks Tissue


Paraffin block tissue sample works 50% of the time if the

formalin used in preservation is kept to 10% or less and fixed in under 4

hours.  A pathologist’s sample normally works and a coroner’s sample

frequently fails. 

Teeth or Bone


Teeth require extra time to process and work 80% of the

time.  The enamel and calcium must be completely dissolved prior to

DNA extraction.  Exhumed specimens collected from the marrow

taken from the large leg bone (femur) will work approximately 75% of the




Exhumed specimens collected from deep thigh tissue will work approximately 75% of the

time.  Additional time to process required (possibly weeks).

Biopsy tissue works 90% of the time (based on length in formalin). 

Dried Umbilical Cords



umbilical cords work approximately 50% of the time and may take several weeks to


Fecal Matter



matter is almost entirely composed of bacteria.  You must freeze

fecal matter immediately (at least within 12 hours) and keep frozen until you send

it in.  Fecal matter that is not immediately frozen will not work.




work approximately 50% of the time,  they are usually rinsed 

after use,

which washes off the DNA.





special sample



this charge if your special sample extraction is not for paternity,

maternity, grandpaternity, siblings, or YPLEX paternal line (i.e.


Post Mortem Coordination



will coordinate the release of a special sample from the Pathologist,

Coroner, Doctor, or Hospital.  This can be ordered prior to any DNA

extraction order.

Report Review



will review any laboratory’s DNA report for clarification or compatibility.

PhD Consultation



provide full free support including affidavits for legal cases.  PhD

consultation is sometimes required prior to an order or when a laboratory

director testimony is required for a complicated legal case.  The

charge is $50 per 15 minutes.

Overnight FedEx

(express envelope)



Pathologists, Coroners, Doctors, or Hospitals require prepaid shippers to overnight the sample for DNA extraction.

The shipper is provided by DNA Testing Centre. 

Overnight FedEx

(diagnostic pack)



Pathologists, Coroners, Doctors, or Hospitals require prepaid shippers to overnight the sample for DNA extraction.

The shipper is provided by DNA Testing Centre. 


report comparing 1 or more special extraction



feature is required if you are performing an extraction of one or more

samples to receive a detailed report comparing the DNA from each

extraction.  This applies to all non-standard testing.

Court Admissible Test Kit $250

Chain of Custody Paperwork Included
Can Not be Shipped Internationally

 Alleged Father, Child

Piece of Mind Paternity Test $199

5 - 10 Business Day Average

 Alleged Father, Child

Swift Response Paternity Test $255

3 - 5 Business Day Average

  Alleged Father, Child

Additional Participants for Testing

Additional Child

Additional Alleged Father


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